[SOLVED] [OH3] [frontail] into web-widget

Hello everyone.
For my usage it would be helpful, so show the “openHAB Log Viewer (frontail)”, accessed via
in a web-view widget in the overview-page.

  • In my PC-browser i get something like “content is blocked”
  • On my Android-phone i get “no browser found”

Does anyone know why this is blocked or not working?

Thanks a lot

OK i made progress.

By using http://openhabian:9001 i got it working for local accesssing openhab through my network
But when i connect remotely, this is still not possibe (for obvious reasons)

Is there a possibility, that openhab UI shows the log also when i access via remote?

The short answer is no, not unless you expose your Frontail to the Internet which you should not do.

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Thanks a lot

A few thoughts about the risk to expose frontail to the internet have been discussed in the past here:

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Yes thats right!
Thank you