[SOLVED][OH3] Icons "hidden" after reboot

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspi 3+
    • OS: openhabian 1.6

Clean installation of OH3.
I needed to reboot OH due to an error. Now I don’t see a lot of icons anymore:

There should be a lightswitch.
If i’m checking with developer tools in chrome, I see the following:

<img onload="this.classList.remove('no-icon')" onerror="this.classList.add('no-icon')" src="/icon/wallswitch?format=svg&anyFormat=true&state=ON" class="no-icon" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;">

The problem is that on all of those items that have this problem there is a state condition in the src element (state=ON) in the example above.
How do I get rid of this? I clearly did not add any conditions to icons

This happens in in the locations page of the new ui as well as in the models page.
If I go to the group “Beleuchtung” in the location “Arbeitszimmer”, I see the same:

Thanks for your help

EDIT: Due to my crash it seems that some bundles were disabled. One of the was the icon set:

After starting the bundle again, the icons are back now.