[SOLVED] OH3 - Migrating from macOS test environment to openHABian

So, have been setting up/running an OH3 “test” environment in macOS in parallell to running 2.5.12 production environment (RPi / openHABian). For the macOS environment I have set up everything from Main UI.

Being ready to migrate to OH3 for my production environment, I did a backup of the macOS environment. I also did a fresh install of the latest openHABian image onto my RPi, and did a restore from the macOS setup. However, some issues become clear:

1. File storage/availability
Obviously, macOS and openHABian use different paths for files. Have followed the documentation to enable samba shares. Are there any config files which could be edited to correct paths? E.g. org.apache.felix.fileinstall returns an error stating Cannot create folder: /openhab-3-2/userdata/tmp/bundles. So, would assume a need to point file install to /var/lib/openhab/tmp/bundles.

Other files might also need some path updates?

2. Background images in html folder
From macOS I successfully used background images for location cards, then pointing to /static/IMG_xxxx.jpg. After restoring from macOS to openHABian, the images are still stored under openHAB-conf/html folder, using the same reference /static/IMG_xxxx.jpg, but the images will not load/show. File permissions are set following documentation.

Help would be highly appreciated.

To follow up my self:

1. File storage/availability - SOLVED
The fileInstall config from the macOS environment was located in the same folder as a new fileInstall config for openHABian: openHAB-userdata/config/org/apache/felix/fileInstall. Deleting the macOS fileInstall config solved the issue.

Still struggle getting background images to load/show…

On OSX openHAB follows a manual install process. Inside the folder where OH is unzipped there are two folders, conf and userdata. All the stuff under conf go to /etc/openhab on the linux system. All the stuff under userdata go to /var/lib/openhab on the linux system. You will look at /var/logs/openhab for the logs on the linux system.

Your static images will need to go to /etc/openhab/html. You do not need to change the relative paths you used though.

Appreciate the help.

I have already managed the logs part and the file install, but keep on struggling with /static folder.

My images are stored within /etc/openhab/html, and I have enabled permission for openhab:openhab following sudo chown -hR openhab:openhab /etc/openhab/html, including several reboots, but the images will not appear using /static/IMG_xxxx.jpg

Skjermbilde 2021-02-10 kl. 19.37.12

Well, turned out to be a quite simple solution… macOS is apparently not case sensitive, whereas openHABian is. Images were stored as “JPG”, using card reference to “jpg”. Changing to upper case made the images visible also in the openHABian environment.

That is actually quite shocking to me, given that OSX is based on BSD. I’ll have to remember that. Glad you got it working.

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