[Solved] OH3 Missing Blinds badge on location page

That’s exactly my setup and the icon shows, whenever I have (even slightly) lowered my rollershutters.
That’s how I prefer it (and you, too according to your comment above)

Now i changed my blinds to 0 down and 100 up then when i close them to 0 then have the Badge but just when it is fully closed 0.

By the way: sub-Equipment is possible.
Did not know this yet.

Yes i now, but if i for example use Equipment_Door with Sub equipment Equipment_Lock i do not get a badge for lock.

Is this maybe because the Lock’ badge is only shown on the next level up?
Means: If you have the location Apartment and in there a location corridor, the lock in the corridor will only be shown on corridor and not two levels up to Apartment.
So this might be the case for sub-equipment as well!?

You are right:
I just put my Lock down one level (from Apartment, down to Apartment -> Door) and the Lock badge disappeared.

The things i want to have changed around badges is:

  • Climate Control should include both Equipment_HVAC and Equipment_RadiatorControl
  • Blinds icon should be inverted >0 or CLOSED should show icon
  • Lock should be inverted ON = Locked
  • Lock should look for sub Equipment e.q. Equipment_Door / Equipment_Lock
  • BatteryLow badge for Equipment_Battery or sub Equipment_Battery
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I agree (mostly).

  1. would be nice
  2. Is the case at my system (>0 -> badge shows up)
  3. Totally agree
  4. would be nice as well
  5. great idea

EDIT: After an upgrade 2 change to:
Badge is shown if Rollershutter is fully open (0)

Does the Lock show up at your Equipment “Car”?

I can see it in the Model View:

But it’s not in the Equipment View.

Yes i have it in Equipment View under Locks.

Me too, but not under the Car itself - do you?

Under Equipment Car i have my V70 and if i choose the Car i see the Lock

I can see it in the “Model” view:

But not in the Equipment View:

The things i want to have changed around badges is:

Equipment Backdoor doesn’t show up as door badge. Has do be “door”.