[SOLVED] OHv2 and weather1: cfg change not updating the .config

I am using OHv2 with weather1, and just added a second location set to the existing config.
I made a mistake by adding a key that is not valid.
Later corrected it in the services/weather.cfg, but it is not reflected in the /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/weather.config.

I have read a few posts demonstrating the same issue: updates in weather.cfg not reflected in .config.

This seemingly appears to be an issue with the binding, as other bindings perfectly update their .config files.

I am just not savvy enough to read or even fix the binding.

How can I fix my current situation?
Is there an option for a force a reload, recreation via the console?

Whatever I did, stopping the weather bundle, delete weather.cfg and .config, would not fix the issue.

Only restarting OH fixed the problem.

I still think the binding code is not using felix.configadmin properly. (Haven’t looked at the source, but this is what I pinpoint it to.)