[SOLVED] OK, How is this possible? OpenHAB Changes Gone After Reboot!

This one is blowing my mind!

Lately whenever I make changes to ITEMS and SITEMAPS I see the updates on my App and everything works fine. I even updated Java from 1.8.0_65 to 1.8.0_111 to get MyOpenHAB working succesfully. … Then I reboot Pi and ALL the changes and new items are gone (including the Java update)!!

All other existing configurations stay working just fine, just going forward ANY changes made are gone upon reboot!! What is going on? Seems like the filesytem is READ ONLY with changes being stored in RAM until reboot?

This sounds like it might be a failing sd card perhaps or something happened to mount your OH folder to a Tempfs volume.

Have you made any changes to fstabs?

Thank you! – That’s a kick in the right direction! I was convinced it was an OH issue but some simple testing showed nothing is being saved on reboot. I’m starting to think you might be right on the SD Card. It does appear the filesystem is being mounted as READ ONLY. I haven’t touched fstabs and anything I do to fix the readonly mount doesn’t work. I imaged the SD card last week, going to try and restore - stay tuned!!

Victory! - Last weeks image on a new SD card fixed the problem. The filesystem mounts properly now… .in all my years of working with Linux and Pi’s I have never seen that happen quite like that! Thanks for the reply…

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I have a similar thing - openhab2 on raspberry pi keeps forgetting bindings, and needs to have them reinstalled. Not after every boot, but quite often. SD card mounted OK, read-write.