[SOLVED] On every start: Internal error Source: openHAB (Extension)

Hey there.
I get the same error, every time I start VS Code. And I think the file error check isn’t working.

Nothing more. I don’t find any further details.

  • VS Code 1.30.2
  • openHAB extension 0.4.1 - 2018-12-09
  • No other extensions
  • I only changed the openhab.host to my pi’s host name

Anyone any ideas?

Internal error could be anything.
Lets see if we can reproduce it somehow, but for now i have got no idea.

Found it. I used a saved workspace with that configuration:

	"folders": [
			"path": "openhab2-conf"
	"settings": {
		"openhab.host": "deimudda"

For reasons I haven’t used a connected network drive recently. I made a “quick connection” using //deimudda. It seems that VS code can’t handle that.

Solution: Always connect the openHAB server (Linux) as a network drive from Windows.

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Thanks for giving us feedback.