[SOLVED] On/Off Switch differences / arduino /

I have setup a generic MQTT Thing in Openhab. I have 3 different led channels set up with the topic like mqtt:topic:arduinoClient:redled,mqtt:topic:arduinoClient:blueled, and mqtt:topic:arduinoClient:greenled. I have my arduino listening for these topics. They are set to 1 and o for on and off. In my items file I have these 3 lines setup for the leds

Switch AutomationLedRed     "Red LED"     <lightbulb>    (GF_AutoLeds) { channel="mqtt:topic:arduinoClient:redled"}
Switch AutomationLedBlue    "Blue LED"    <lightbulb>    (GF_AutoLeds) { channel="mqtt:topic:arduinoClient:blueled"} 
Switch AutomationLedGreen   "Green LED"   <lightbulb>    (GF_AutoLeds) { channel="mqtt:topic:arduinoClient:greenled"}

The question that I have is the red led, once switched to On or Off, shows the words on or off, the green led doesn’t, but nothing is different that I see. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You need to either change your Arduino code or wait for the new binding to have outgoing transformations

The arduino code is good.I got it to work. I restarted openhab and it started working. Thanks.

@vzorglub Switches don’t need outgoing transformations. The binding supports to map on and off to custom values.