[SOLVED] Onewire - offline communication error

Hi folks, any tips on this please?

I’m connecting onewire temperature devices to openhab using DS9490R USB to 1-wire adapter.

I have it all working on my laptop (ubuntu), very nicely but when transferring the same hardware to raspbian the OW SERVER thing reports OFFLINE COMMUNICATION_ERROR

I have bindings version 2.5.0 M1, with owfs owserver owhttpd etc installed and working on both setups

The log reports “Handler OwserverBridgeHandler tried updating the thing status although the handler was already disposed.” repeatedly

Any ideas please - ive tried the latest MASTER addon, checking that the onewire devices are working in owserver and owhttpd etc

OK so i have solved this

netstat -lptu reported that owserver was listening on tcp6 IPv6. I was able to force owserver to listen on tcp IPv4 by editing /etc/owfs and replacing all instances of localhost with


thanks all

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