[Solved] Only paper ui and classic ui shown problem

Hi all,

I have a problem which maybe trivial to everyone here.
When I enter, localhost:8080, only paper ui and classic ui is shown.

Moreover, when I click, classic ui, it shows,
Problem accessing /classicui/app. Reason:
** Not Found**

Does some expert have idea of this problem?
I even try the 2.0.0.b3 version which does not make any difference.

However, I remember previously, it shows 5 ui icon on the first page, which include habmin2 I have configured. For now, I can NOT manage to go back to that stage.

Thank you very much.

Did you already solve the problem because I have a similar problem it only shows the basic ui and rest API icons.


Actually this problem is solved.
But it has been a while I forgot how I fix it. I am sorry about that.