[SOLVED] OpenHAB 0.4.1 extensions can’t connect to PI 3b+

After a Windows and Visual studio upgrade I can’t connect from visual studio using openHAB extensions.

Visual studio code: 1.31.1 64bit
openHAB 0.4.1 extensions.
PI 3b+ used ThomDietrich openhabian v1.4.1 installer
Samba sharing is working. File can be edit from Visual studio.

I have changed the user settings since my PC and PI is located in 2 different networks.

{“openhab.host” : “”}

openHAB2 icon sitemap preview in top right corner, doesn’t connect.
I can’t search for items and things, When I select openHAB2 icon left side bar either, when I creating a new item.

This is the only error I get.
[Error - 11:14:23 PM] Connection to server is erroring. Shutting down server.

Is this a bug or have I done something wrong in my setup. I’m new to openhab, so I could have forgotten something?

I am not sure, if this error message is even caused by the extension.
At least it is not provided by our code.

Do you have rest api and lsp enabled?

It turned out that the problem was the OH software/config or the PI. After a fresh installation on the PI, VS could connect to OH again.

Thanks for your feedback! :+1:
I have marked your clarification as solution for others.