[SOLVED] Openhab 3 badges shows 2 lights, but there is only one light switch


is it possible to remove the on off switch in the colorpicker item?


because with this second switch, i have in the gui 2 lamps:


but its only one.

If its only about the badges you can just remove the Semantic Property “Light” from one of them. You have this effect for all bulbs that have controls for color temperature since they always need an additional ON/OFF switch. Just make sure that only one item that belongs to this device has this property set and you are fine.

i tried this, but there is one problem, the on off switch by the colorpicker does not work, when i remove the property “light” from the working switch, its not showing in the badges anymore, so i need both, for the colorpicker i have used as proberty “colortemperature”

Hm… that is strange…

Maybe a few more details could help:

  1. What binding are you using?
  2. Which items did you define for this light and what are the semantic properties of each?

i use the mqtt binding (zigbee2mqtt)

the color channel is configured as HSB

Ok… I see you only have the “Light” Semantic Property set on one item… Just to make sure but I assume you don’t have any other items with the “Lights” property in the same room, do you?

  1. If you don’t than I don’t see where the second light badge is coming from


  1. This has nothing to do with the second switch you see in the UI. This is just a control to send ON/OFF commands to the underlying item but has no effect on the light count. The lights count just depends on items and their respective semantic properties.

I never used the ColorTemperature property: Have you tried to remove this?

i got it, i had set the property “lights” for the dimm item, you have set me on the right path, thank you :slight_smile:

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