[SOLVED] Openhab / Amazon Echo / Alexa not switching on device "device is not responding"

I`m running openhab 2.2 on RP3. Currently got couple sonoff devices linked to the system which operates via openhab. All was integrated with Amazon Echo. For some reason from this morning when asking Alexa to turn on specific device its say that “device is not responding”. Strengly enough all smart switches stil operates via openhab correctly. The issue is only with Alexa command. When trying to use Alexa app to switch on/off switches it will say the same thing “Device is unresponsive”.
Nothing has changed on the system from my side, its not being touched for week.
Did anyone had the same problem ?

After upgrading openhab from version 2.2.0 to stable 2.3.0 this issue was resolved.
Just in case if anyone experience this system behavior in the future.