[SOLVED] OpenHab Login & Password Windows10

I installed Openhab in a windows10 machine for testing.
Everything works great BUT there is a security concern …every time i connect to http://localhost:8080 or from outside using the Openhab app from my phone http://xxxx.com:8080 i get in without any credentials and from brower too.
Of course you understand my frustration since anyone can see my openhab and enter without login password.

I cannot find anything for windows platform to make openhab ask for username/password , can you please give me some info .

Thank you !!!

Core2 Duo with 4gb ram
Windows 10 Pro
Openhab 2.4.0

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OpenHAB itself has no credential system. If you are on your local network, security concerns should be minimal.
You can follow the documentation to secure it better though.

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Well after some coffee i found the note : openHAB does not (yet) support restricting access through HTTP(S) for certain users - there is no authentication in place, nor is there a limitation of functionality or information that different users can access.

So i used the Openhab cloud connector and its ok for now.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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