[SOLVED] OpenHab2 interface not updating after KNX event

Dear OpenHab comunity,

Using Openhab2 I can fully control every KNX device (with the UI, with the Android app, with myopenhab cloud service, and even even using Amazon Echo). If I change on a light using the mobile app, the UI is update and viceversa.
But if I switch on a light using a wall switch, the light comes on but the Openhab interface is not updated!

Looking at the log file nothing happens when I use a wall switch.

This is my configuration:

  • Openhab version: 2.2.0

  • KNX binding 1.9

  • Gira router

  • KNX conf file (knx.cfg)

  • Example of item in demo.items file
    Switch Light_Living_Table “Table” (Room_Living, Lights) {autoupdate=“true”, knx=“0/2/9”}