[SOLVED] Openhabian - Console Autologin

Have a dedicated RPi to be used along with RPi touchscreen, and the RPi is set up with OpenHabian. Have followed tutorial to enable simple environment to be able to run Web Browser in kiosk mode.

However, as I become stuck during boot (shell requesting password) I understand I need to set Console Autologin as Boot Option. However, openhabian-config does not provide this as an option.

How should I proceed to enable Console Autologin? Have tried ssh-keygen without success.

openHABian is just Raspbian Lite, I believe. That means it is CLI only so it does not have the features installed to use a web browser,

Raspbian has those features.

Appreciate the response.

Although, the tutorial I have been using is actually based on using Raspberry PI Lite (which the OpenHabian version I am using also is based on).

And from the tutorial for Raspbian Buster Lite, it is possible to set Console Autologin as boot option, which I do not find as an option for OpenHabian.

The fact that openHABian is “based on” something does not imply it has all the parts of that whatever base distribution included.
You don’t need autologin. Use SSH to access your box if networking comes up on boot, else attach a keyboard and a monitor.
See also if this is of help.

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Fully understand that “based on” does not equal to, just wanted to check if I was overlooking config options.

I have latest OpenHabian (Buster) successfully running on my RPi 4, and everything works as supposed to (connected to network/internet via cable). SSH also works as supposed.

I have set up a “simple environment” for running Chromium in kiosk mode on the RPi touch (minimum GUI requirements: X server, Openbox, Chromium). X server is set up to start on boot. No keyboard connected.

On boot, touch screen is active, however boot stops after a while after [ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes . Also seems to be requesting login. Searching similar issues, the Console Autologin seem to be a common feature.

You can install raspi-config and set that through that tool I think. Beyond that, you will have to research where that setting actually gets saved (could be multiple places) and make the changes manually.

OpenHABian uninstalls that due to some conflicts. If the capability is in raspi-config, it should have been duplicated in openhabian-config IMHO.

Why didn’t you say that in the first place ? You said you’re “stuck during boot” =>XY problem.
You can g**gle for this or ask in a RPi forum. openHABian isn’t meant to run a GUI on the server.
Little use in that anyway, and needs a lot of RAM.

openHABian is deliberately designed to work on a machine without X. There’d be no point in having that option in openhabian-config. But the option is in raspi-config and if the user has decided to install X, installing raspi-config to get access to the option seems reasonable. The user is already veering away from the stock so presumably they have the knowledge and skills to know what options to avoid in raspi-config, or if not than the skills and ability to research it.

We can only do so much to protect the user from themselves without crippling options and capabilities that those users who do know what they are doing want to use.

If they knew that they would have not sought assistance here. :wink:

@rlkoshak, appreciate your factual and down to point input, rather than focusing on complaints and sarchasm.

I ended up converting the RPi 4 to pure Raspbian Buster Lite setup, now running the RPi 4 as ebusd / MQTT server combined with running touchscreen with HabPanel in kiosk mode. OH server remains on a separate/dedicated RPi.

Although, can not see a real memory issue having OpenHabian running on the same RPi, as I am using less than 1GB out of 4GB available for the current setup.

It is possible to run OpenHABian on pure Raspian. Just follow the Linux installation instructions.

Yes, I am aware, but the current setup will work for me.

Reason for initiating the topic was that the RPi was already running OpenHabian with ebusd/MQTT and I wanted to include the touchscreen. However, as I needed the Console Autologin, I converted to pure Raspbian and run OH from a different server.

Follow the manual instructions for installing openHABian. If you follow the Linux instructions all you get is openHAB, not openHABian.

I meant to say ( and thought I implied) the Linux instructions for OpenHABian.
Obviously, the Linux instructions for OpenHAB just install OpenHAB.
I forgot there are some logic-challenged people here. :wink: