[Solved] Openhabian Dashboard Duplicate Tiles

I edited the dashboard.cfg to remove the openhab help docs and the grafana tiles (as I removed it) and instead of removing the tiles from the dashboard I now have duplicates of the tiles on the dashboard.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Really? No One else has this problem.

Below is all i have in my dashboard.cfg

frontail.link-name=openHAB Log Viewer

But I get 2 instances of Grafana and Openhabian Help.

Have you cleared cache and restarted?

Also, what happens if you just remove the file? See what happens. It almost appears there is a config file somewhere else also being interpreted.

Have you checked this out? Maybe has something to help: Addon to add external links to openHAB dashboard

I have not read through it, I just remembered seeing it once.

Cleared Cache and restarted.

If i remove the file samething happens. I read the thread. It doesn’t give me any hints as to how to fix this.

Sorry, I couldnt help further. I have not tried to customize this file in any way. Thanks for trying the suggestions.

I’m running OH2.3 and I have something similar to this and I can NOT figure it. I have cleared the cache and tmp directories many times and removed the /config/dashboard.config file also and it keeps coming back.

There are entries that I removed from the /services/dashboard.cfg that are still showing up in the final display.

There must be a cached page somewhere (apache, etc.) that is causing this.

Any ideas?

Best, Jay

I did fix it.
Depending on how you did you install.
Stop OH
Nav to
Back up the Config files then delete them.
Restart OH and it should work fine after that.

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Thanks for replying back to let others know the solution.:+1:

If you would please click the square box on the post that contains the solution to mark this topic as solved. I will also edit your title to start with [Solved] in hopes that anyone else with this issue can find a quick fix.:wink: It might also help if you describe how to back up the config files as many users are new to linux.

Thanks again

Which files in this directory are deleted? Ive updated dashboard.cfg but still the tiles are not removed. even after a cache clear

Im nervous about deleting ALL the files in this folder