[SOLVED] Openhabian raspberry pi 3 installion trouble

Hi to all of you,

I am not able to install the openhabian on my raspberry.
I did exactly step by step of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R9Oc8xINGU
I did it serveral times, without succeed. Also changed my sd card.
I attached a short video, the Pi is doing this for hours. One time he asked me for a password, I pluged in my keyboard and he starts again the same you can see in the video.


Any idea?

Instead of following a video, did you follow:

yes, the steps are the same.

Looks like a possible power supply issue if it is rebooting.

I would also say it is a power supply problem,
What kind of power supply are you using (Volts? Ampere?)?

wow, u guys are amazing.
I got it by changing my power supply to 2.5ampere.


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Please mark the thread as solved, thanks