[SOLVED] OpenWeatherMap API-response in Swedish not working


I’ve set up the OpenWeatherMap-binding and it works great! :slight_smile:
But I cant get the API responses in Swedish. I’ve set the langue in PaperUI-binding and also tried to add it manually via a things-file. But I only get it in English. Anyone else who have/had this problem?
I’m running OH-UI in English with Swedish Country / Region (locale: EN_SE).

The binding help page say that Swedish should be “sw” in the .thing-file, but the OWM help page says that Swedish should be “se”. Could this be the problem?
I tried to set it to “se” in the .thing-file but got an error-message about wrong langue.

Help appreciated.

Hi @rockit4,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Looks like a bug in the OpenWeatherMap binding. According to the API documentation the option “se” for Swedish seems to be the right choice. I will provide a fix for it.


Will be fixed in the next snapshot:

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