[SOLVED] PaperUI Add-ons are completly empty after Update

Since Update to 2.1.0~20170604033302-1 my Add-On is completely unpopulated and so my karaf openhab2 features on my Raspberry Pi 3.
Downgrade has not helped and restore to a 2 month backup as well. My installed bindungs and further add-ons are still working. It is not possible to add new ones.
A „sudo apt-get purge openhab2*“ does not work either - it aborts because of some not found backup directories.
I’m lack on ideas…

There have been some similar problems in the last days, deleting cache and tmp directory and restart openHAB could maybe solve it …

Thanks for answering,
I’ve now hard deinstalled Openhab and started with new instance - that worked for me.