[Solved] PaperUI discovers things again after update to 2.3.0 with different ids

Hello gys,

after updating my openhab docker image to 2.3.0 I found that auto discovers finds all my homematic things again, but with a different id, which worries me a bit.

When I added the newly discovered things I ended up with all of my things duplicated, the new things having a different id as the “old” ones. Of course the new things weren’t linked to anything, which is why they did not work, but the old ones still did as before.

I found out that I also had the CCU bridge duplicated the “old” one appears as

Homematic Bridge

with the serial number “MEQ1491XXX” in its properties

whereas the “new” (both are same physically) one appears as

eQ3-HM-CCU2-App - 192.168.XXX.XXX

After deleting all the duplicated things, they of course showed up in discovery again, but after deleting the “new” bridge as well, the disappear (which makes sense to me if the bridge is deleted)

I can overcome this problem by just hiding the discovered new bridge in discovery.

It seems to me that the homematic binding was changed somehow to now use the serial number of the CCU2 as the id as opposed to using something else before.

Besides that it is a bit annoying being careful not accept the duplicated bridge, I am wondering if I need to do something about this? Could I be running into problems with later updates?

I do not want to change all my things manually to the new bridge definition to have them all with the new ids, since, having 50+ homematic things, I not only have to update alle the things, but also recreate the 150+ links to their items.
Has anyone else stumbled upon this behaviour?

I’ll attach a screenshot where I have added to of the new things that got duplicated to show what I mean:

I’d file an issue at the openhab2-addons repo or else I suspect this problem may persist.

Stop OH. Open the userdata/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json file (/var/lib/openhab2/jsondb for installed OH) and you can find and replace the IDs. Do the same in org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.link.ItemChannelLink.json and that will update all your Things and all your Links in one go.

Don’t edit these files while OH is running.

Make a backup first in case something goes wrong.

The behavior needs to be fixed but manually moving everything over to the new bridge ID is not that much work if you edit the DB manually.

Thank you! I don’t know why I did not think of that myself. Done in 5 minutes with a text editor and “replace all”. Thanks for the perfect advice!