[SOLVED] Philips Hue light sensor channels

Hi all,
the Philips Hue light sensor (0106) offers the above channels.

I understand “dark” and “daylight” as switches which show “ON” when light level is meeting the corresponding threshold requirement.

But how (and where) are the values for “darkness threshold” and “daylight threshold” set?

When configuring the sensor in the Hue app I can set an illumination threshold above which the sensor does not react (to avoid switching the light on in bright sunshine). I assume this threshold is kept in the sensor itself.

But how to set via OH?

Well, this is my first post and i’m a new member.
I think this is what you are searching for.

I am not able to exactly explain the working of it, it is one of the things i try to figure out at this moment but at least i found this for you! :slight_smile:

To make it easy to find for others searching on the community ->

PaperUI -> Things -> Edit Sensor


Thank you.
This is what I needed.