[SOLVED] Please help adding Sunricher ZV9002T4-CCT-EU

Hello I’m new on this forum because I couldn’t get access to the cd-jackson database.
I have an CCT wall-controller from sunricher and the corresponding XML but after waiting a couple of weeks to get access I will try to put the XML file here. But unfortunately I couldn’t upload it because I’m a new user so how could I put the XML file in the right place to get support for my device integrated in openhab2?
And second question how do I get the database update after uploading the XML file?

Thank you in advance

Have your registered and raised a ticket? If you’ve registered at least, please let me know your username and I’ll give you access.

Once the database is exported, you’ll need to update to the latest snapshot.

Same Username as here “Garfield”.
Registered yes
raised a ticket - didn’t found the right button but I wrote two comments below the Database guide


Found the ticket creation button and done. Sorry for the stupid topic and thanks for the very quick help.

The comments are not monitored routinely, which is why the guide says not to do this :wink:

I’ll update your access.

uploaded the XML to the database but couldn’t delete the duplicated command class “security”.
I have to learn a bit more to describe the thing perfect. Some things are unclear to me
My open questions are:
I didn’t know what the “controller” checkmark at the association classes mean.
I didn’t know how to delete the duplicated security command class.
In the datasheet there are a few command classes which I couldn’t find in the dropdown list.
Further I didn’t really know what “Endpoint” mean in this situation.

So is there any documentation/tutorial which explains these things?

Thank you very much

You can’t - but I’ve deleted it.

Can you edit the text so that it’s properly formatted (remove the end of lines so that the text formats correctly, use the bullets/numbers from the toolbar rather than print them directly into the text - it means it will properly format when exported, otherwise it gets very messy).

It means the binding will associate the group with the controller.