[SOLVED] Problem with Mail Actions file:// not clickable

I want to display a path like
but the Mail Actions send the Mail encoded with text/plain; charset=“ISO-8859-1”

They get displayed like this
but should be
clickable like an URL file://X:\Y\Z\C2\SM01.pdf

I testet the normal mail command which encodes with UTF-8 which results are file://X:\Y\Z\C2\SM01.pdf

Someone tried that? Is there a way to fix this or a workaround?

I need to RTFM! myself…

charset | platform default | No | Character set used to encode the message body

But still it is not working
And NO String attachmentUrl is not what I want. The file system is not locale. I just want to give a clickable URL…

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It might be treating the \ as escaped characters. Try using \\ or / and see if either of those work.

Thats not it. Sadly my string is allready like this "file://X\\Y\\Z\\C2\\SM01.pdf

And using forward slash didn’t work either?

If you are not making the email in HTML format maybe the email client doesn’t automatically convert the URL string to something clickable.


<a href="file://X\\Y\\Z\\C2\\SMo1.pdf"/>

If you are just sending plain text emails, it is the job of the email client to make the URL clickable. There really isn’t anything you can do from the OH side of things to make it clickable except present it in a format that the client likes.

Well the docs for Mail Send Action do not explain how to send HTML Mails :slight_smile: If

works I will try it

That isn’t it’s job. It is up to you to format the email content into HTML.

Problem was the Mail Client Software from the receiver, nothing wrong with the binding.