[SOLVED] Problem with temperature


I have a problem with temperatur, the return is ok but i have 22.3 and after 22.40000000000000002 do you know why i have a lot of zeros who appears and deseapears.

thank you for you help


Hello Bruce,

please give us more insight in your setup, maybe by telling where you get the temperature from?
And how you display it, where the strange number is shown etc…



i read the post that hr-2 give me (thanks) but for me it’s note a problem with rules but with sitemap and floorplan.

so i have hab2 with debian mate in computer, i have the bindings knx1 and i use sitemap and habpanel with floorplan. in the file item i put :
Number temp_bureau “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<0/2/46" }

i have 20.90000000000002° and after a few seconds 21°. i can’t change anything with ETS5 in the programmation of my sonde.

could you help me (sorry for my english i’m french and beeginer with hab2)


If you define [%.1f °C] within your Label you should only get values with one decimal e.g. 20.9 °C or 21.0°C. Even if your item’s value is 20.900000002 it should be shown as 20.9 °C…

Works in my environment as expected: the logs show an update to 18.79999999998 and is displayed as 18.8 °C…

This links, because you didn’t say where do you have the problem.
Post the part of the sitemap please.

Where is your problem?
The sitemap or happanel?


thank you for your answer it’s great to not be alone.

i have this problem with habpanel :

habpanel :

Number temp_bureau “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<0/2/46" }
Number temp_cuisine “Temperature” [%.1f °C]" { knx="<0/4/27" }
Number temp_sam “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<0/3/27" }
Number temp_salon “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<0/5/27" }
Number temp_palier “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<1/2/27" }
Number temp_chb_elioth “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<1/3/27" }
Number temp_chb_parents “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<1/0/29" }
Number temp_sdb “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { knx="<1/1/27" }
Number temp_exterieur “Temperature [%.1f ]” { knx="<2/3/0" }

and sitemap :

sitemap default label=“Maison”
Switch item=Lumiere_bureau label=“Lumiere Bureau”
Text item=temp_bureau label=“Temperature bureau [%.1f C]”

In habpanel i use floorplan in template but it’s the same problem if i use dummy. may be my sentence have a little mistake.


In the sitemap remove the label part for the temp_bureau_label, you already have it defined in your item definition

Text item=temp_bureau

In HABPanel, in the dummy widget tick the box “use server provided format”

PS, please use code fences to publish code, see:

Bonne Chance

ok thank you.

i’ll try and i say you if it’s ok.

merci pour le coup de main



problem solved, i put in inkscape

ng-blind : (itemValue('youritem') | number:1) + ' °C'

or in a text

{{(itemState('youritem') | number:1) + ' °C'}}

put number:0 if you don’t want decimal.

thank you all