[SOLVED] Problem with Value Transformations

As a beginner I’m setting up my OH server with Sonoff devices. I’m running Openhabian with OH2.5 using the embedded MQTT server. My setup is entirely via PaperUI and already works with help from the many forum articles. From the Sonoff devices I would also like to publish State info. So I read out tele/devicename/LWT and would like to use a map function as follows:
I created a file /etc/openhab2/transform/devicestatus.map with above information.
If I I call it in the Channel definition under Incoming Value Transformations as MAP:devicestatus.map;$ I get an error message in the log “Transformation service MAP(DEVICESTATUS.MAP) for pattern $ not found!”, while the same call on the Outgoing Value Transformation does not give an error message but doesn’t transfor the input either.
I guess I have the calling format wrong or don’t understand yet how to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Look at the error message in this light …

“Transformation service MAP… not found!”

MAP is an installable service/feature.

Hi Rossko57,
I did install MAP prior to using the service. See image:

I think it is complaining about the missing file not the service.

Alright, let’s look closer

What’s the extra colon and $ for?
I think you need only MAP:devicestatus.map

Thanks that does the trick. MAP:devicestatus.map is sufficient.

I couldn’t find any documentation of this using paperui and was looking for a way to pass the incoming values as arguments. In one of the error messages I got it was mentioned to separate arguments by semi-colons.