[SOLVED] Problems with MAC validation

Netatmo bindings is always saying the mac is no valid even on old configurations where MAC was fine.

Version 2.1
Netatmo binding
Any item configuration (thermal or relay)

Hi Joan,

this has been fixed. The fix is available in the current snapshot version.

I am new to openHAB and I have the same problem with the current version.
I have downloaded the current files, running it under windows and used the current binding.
I still have the issue that the above pattern is checked.
Any idea how I can get the changed version?

Hi Christian,

On Monday there was a new stable release OH2.2.0. You can upgrade to that version and after that you should be able to change the mac address without any problems. Please be aware that the equipmentId has been replaced by id in the latest version of the Netatmo binding.

How you can update - see http://docs.openhab.org/installation/windows.html#updating-the-openhab-runtime.