[SOLVED] Problems with powerview - Could not set field value for field 'id': Can not set int field

(Kevin Marlow) #21

For me, when I installed the binding it found my hub and generated a thing for it and also some things for each of the (4) blinds that I have.
If I look at the thing for the controller, then the scenes are shown as channels there.
The scenes I’d originally created using the powerview app.
I’ve succeeded by going into PaperUI, and deleted each of the Things that had been created.
Then I went to the inbox and searched again, this recreated the things (blinds and the hub) and the hub had the correct scenes in it, created as channels.
I was then able to create a rule to send the command ‘ON’ to the scene channel of choice, and voila !
My goal now is to craft a rule to part close the blinds if the temperature rises above a threshhold and it is bright daytime.

(Mark) #22

Well if I uninstall the binding, the hub disappears from my list of things as well. If I install the binding again the hub appears again. Of course the hub still has the scenes programmed in it. (If I uninstall the binding, I can still access the scenes from my phone.)

If I install the binding and add the shades again, I get the error.

So I only get the error from the shades and their channels, not from the hub and the scenes.

(Kevin Marlow) #23

So Mark do you still have the same error?
Would you like to try my fix until Andy gets a chance to fix it properly?

(Mark) #24

I still have the same errors. The scenes work, but I can’t operate the individual shades. I would like to try your solution, but I don’t know how.

(Kevin Marlow) #25

Hi Mark, not sure how to send you the jar file or upload it.
Mark - I’ve pm you my email address.

(Mark) #26

Hi Kev,

It might be an ugly fix, but it works like a charm!

Thanks a lot!

(Toby Shepheard) #27


I’m experiencing the same issue - if I understand it right the above jar still doesn’t resolve the issue is that correct?
I’m using org.openhab.binding.hdpowerview:

Do I need the jar from @Kev_Marlow to get this working?

(Mark) #28

That is correct. Although maybe the binding has been updated. Did you try?

(Toby Shepheard) #29

I tried with the current binding (snapshot from 2 days ago) and still ran into the issue, yes

Do you have a copy of Kev’s “ugly fix” jar still that you could email me by any chance? My email is the same as my username here, @gmail.com

Many thanks

Preparing the openHAB 2.2 release
(Mark) #30

Hi Tony,

I am unaible to mail you the file. I cannot mail jar files. I even tried renaming it to .bar.


(Toby Shepheard) #31

Just a note for anyone seeing this in future - the proper fix is now merged into master, and pleased to say the latest snapshot version appears to be working fine!

Pull request for the change is here:

Thanks @Kai @beowulfe for getting this sorted!

(Håvard Berland) #32

The above fix is maybe also related to a later regression bug where the id was sent quoted with “” in the json, which errors on the PowerView hub.

This is fixed in https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/3470 but this is awaiting a sign-off.

(Karen Mitchell) #33

I’m so happy this has been fixed! I’m loving my new Shade automation!