[SOLVED] Problems Z-Wave while updating from Snapshot to Snapshot

Hi all,

when Updating from a Snapshot 2.5 from Build to Build the Lifelines and Associations are shown as node_1 instead of Controller after Update.

If I remove the things first, then Update and add the things again, there are some more problems:
Then in some things there ist shown node_1 instead of Controller, but most devices loose there association Groups and have to reconfigure! That’s a lot of Work for example with sensative strips to have been awaken several times.

Is there something I do wrong? or is that something with openhab behaviour?

Please provide a log showing that the associations are being removed. This should not happen in the latest binding as there is code to try and prevent this, so I would like to see how this happens.

What’s the right log (debug mode is off) i could look? Openhab.log?

Please see the documentation:slight_smile:

I’ll turn it on and will try to log that with next update.

First I have to get all devices to work again, because I ll be away during week and my wife will kill me with the problems I have got now :wink:

No feedback from thermostats, light turns on and off automatically when it shouldn’t and so on

Installed Update Snapshot from yesterday evening:
All Lifelines Motion Sensors gone
All Lifelines Sensative Strips gone, until now didn’t check the rest.

I’ve logged in Debug-Mode and saved log, so it will not be overwritten. Should I post that 6MB here? Or send it other way? That technical logging is to high for me :wink:

Any hint for keywords to search for? Then I ll post the right passage here.

With update all lifelines gone again, associations of powered devices changed from controller to node_1 , sometimes to node_1_1 and have to set new

Just provide the log and I will take a look at it - assuming it isn’t larger than around 10MB?

I sent you via message.

Hope you ll find it.

Maybe an important information: I configured them with paperui before, not via habmin

The logs show no removal of association groups. There is a known issue with displaying the multiple select data in the UI, so I suspect that is the problem, and not the actual configuration of the devices.

After Update, Motion Sensors stopped working, Windows Sensors stopped Working, Relays dont send Usage or Switch state anymore.

I first had to set lifelines and associations for Relays again.

Don’t think the Reason is in the devices, because earlier Updates i didnt had these Problems.

The Devices stop with next Wakeup, so they must get something from zwave Binding.

Last devices stopped today, maybe I have to log some more. Can you give me a hint for words to search for? Then I can log some more. 1 Day ist 40 to 80 MB of Debugging Logs and because of time differences shown at wakeup times, its not so easy to find the right part of log.

(Time Differences: sometimes there is a difference of 1 Hour in times shown in Webinterfaces, where i could look for wakeup times)

Use the log viewer and look for association updates. Also make sure you are using the latest version of the binding from the last day or so.

Please send me the log once you find something that removes the associations and doesn’t set them back again.

I think these association problems are compounded by the factor neither ui, Habmin nor PaperUI can reliability display the association parameters for an Item.

I believe what you say Chris in that associations are largely working fine, be it showing them as controller, node_1 or nothing - they still work but resetting them definitely helps some scenarios.

It would be great if the developers could resolve these UI bugs, I know not really in your domain though (Chris Jackson)

Resetting them will still be needed if you were running an old version of the binding. The new binding has some code to try and manage all the different types of configurations that I’ve seen thrown at the binding (strings, arrays, lists, arrays or lists). Additionally, the binding should now prevent the removal of associations that are either the lifeline (detected from the device - not any configuration) or from the “controller” tickbox in the database. So if the user tries to remove these associations - either on purpose or by mistake - it should not be possible.

If there are issues with this, then I would like to see logs showing the problem where the associations are removed.

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Great to know chris. I certainly have had no association issues in recent bindings.

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I did a lot of tests, last one finished this morning.


I use a aeotec Stick gen6.

After changes at stick via paperui (for example change or disable network heal) it goes offline for a short while and online again.

After that all is shown as online… and Zwave stops Working.

I did yesterday evening at 8 pm.

From 8 pm until now: now further motion, no reports of temperature or open windows, all associations not shown anymore.

Just restart of openhab and all working again.

Seems to be an issue with this aeotec stick :confused: