[SOLVED] Qubino ZMNHCD1, manual switching no changes in UI

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: x64Intel/8GB RAM
    • OS: Debian 9.8
    • Java Runtime Environment: openJDK 64 BIt, 1.8.0_181
    • openHAB version: 2.4
  • Issue of the topic: Fibarao ZMNHCD1 manual swtiching event is not showing up in Rollerschutter
  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
    • Items configuration related to the issue
    • Sitemap configuration related to the issue
    • Rules code related to the issue
    • Services configuration related to the issue
  • If logs where generated please post these here using code fences:


I just added a few ZMNHCD1. The are working fine, besides I have to “invert the percentage value” at the blinds switch.
But I got onw problem. When every I open or close the shutter manualy these is not shwoing up at the basic ui.

Rollershutter C_Shutter “Schutter” ( gShutter) [“Rollershutter”] {channel=“zwave:device:TS-Stick:node6:blinds_control”}

I’m using the Cyrus SmartHome Z-Wave Stick.
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot


Do you mean the Qubino flush shutter of the Fibaro roller shutter (1/2/3)? The product number is Qubino’s


it is about Qubino flush shutter.

Please check the associations are configured, or change to using the latest binding which has more code to avoid interface issues between the UI and the binding.

Maybe you should change the title so it’s clear?

Damn… thx… I changed the title…

Are you talking about the milstone z-wave binding?

Yes - any of the 2.5 binding versions have this feature to more liberally interpret the data coming from the UI to account for various formats. It also ensures that lifeline cannot be removed.


I will give :

I’wll give it a try if no one else having a idea.

Because it looks like is not that is to upgrade --> remove all things add them, etc…


I just installed it, but there is no change so far.
I checked the Z-Wave Network Viewer… I might have som connections isses.
I will open another Thread, I might change the USB Stick.


Hey Chris,

meanwhile I changed the z-wave binding to snapshot version, without any changes… :frowning:
4 of my shutter are not reporting status events.
I did a reintilaize, changed the Association Groups at one of them to Controllerm, without any effect.
Do you have any othe suggestions? Anything I can change in configuration?


Reporting is linked to associations, so please check there. If that isn’t working, then please get a log that shows what is happening - otherwise I can’ really help.

Note that if these are battery devices, you will need to wake them up before the configuration transfers.

Okay, your’re talking about association groups?


What logs do you need?



Just the standard ZWave debug log.

Hey Chris,

I really appreciate the job you’re doing here.
As would like to be sure as much as possible, my problem isn’t something I could change by myself, I bought a new Stick: Aeotec Gen5. I reseted all my shutters an included them into the new Stick. Resseting wasn’t that easy as it is written in the manual. Anywas the new Stick seems to have a lot more power. I did that with the snapshotbinding from 26 th februray 2019.
Befer using the new stick only 3 out of 9 Shutter where not reporting manual switch.

Most of them where included with stable 2.4 binding.

Currently (all included with snpashop binding) no one is reporting the current position unless I changed it via e.g basic ui.

Here you can find the logs:
zwave1.log (674.1 KB)
zwave2.log (914.2 KB)

As there is upload limitation I splited the log (zips are not allowed).
While logging I changed the association group an pooling period for two shutters.
You can see a few “Transaction not completed”.
Hopefully you can find something helping get the status updates(lifline groups) functional.


Can you tell me what the devices are - let’s start with node 5 at least?


I’ve made an update to the binding - once CI completes I will merge. Please provide a new set of logs with the new binding.

Thanks for looking into…

All connected devices are Qubino flush shutters…

Okay, again: thanks a lot!

When do you think I can use the new 2.5 S
snapshot binding? Tomorrow?


Ok, thanks. The buld should be done in the next 30 minutes - please let me know if it helps and in any case please provide a new log.

Thanks,the best I would download it directly from Jenkins?


Don’t I?

If you’re using the snapshot version, then you can just install it using PaperUI. Otherwise you can download it manually.