[SOLVED] Quick persistence (REST) question


I am using influxdb for persistence successfully (I assume) on my RPi4 8GB with SSD and openhabian running OH 3.0.1 stable.

When I access the rest / persistence (http://homer:8080/rest/persistence/items/Ind_Temp) from a browser I can only see values of one day ago until now.

For the item above (Indoor Temperature), however, I can see graphs in habpanel many weeks back.

So my question is: Is there a limitation of the rest / persistence call by URL to a certain time period or should it theoretically reflect all the historic data?

Which is your default persistence service? I’m thinking you are looking at rrd4j data, which falsely appears to have limited history because of the way its stored.

My default is influxdb

and rrd4j is not installed (influxdb 3.1.0 is run from the addons directory)

As it says in the REST API Docs:

Start time of the data to return. Will default to 1 day before endtime. [yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSZ]

Did you supply Start time in your query?

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Thanks, Rich - No, just called the url above.

And checked openHAB REST API | openHAB beforehand, but did not find the hint you just sent.

Which (other) docs do you refer to?

Rich posted the sentence which is directly on the API Explorer (rest/persistence/items/itemname). No other docs needed!

Thank you, @opus and @rlkoshak

I did not even know this function!
OH3 always suprises me :slight_smile:
That’s awesome.

I was talking about calling the url in the browser “normally” not with this great interface!

It’s mentioned in the docs as well. openHAB REST API | openHAB. In OH 2 it was a separately installable add-on.

Thanks, Rich.
There is obviously still a lot for me to learn about OH3 (which really contains massive improvements :slight_smile: