[SOLVED] Raspberry pi running Openhabian shutdown

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(Kees Van Gelder) #21

ah yes that will work too. I was under impression though the system info binding only looks at raspi where openhab is installed, but I could be wrong

(Aaron) #22


yes you are right

What I wanted too do was add an external temp sensor too my rpi running OH as im new too all of the sensor Linux rpi stuff I wasent sure if you can add sensors too the system running OH

I don’t want too buy an rpi just for a temp reading

but if I did have a seperate board what is the limit on the amount of temp sensors you could add
I could add my nas, server, the room internal and external temp readings would be nice could also add some more for hdds ect

I was thinking device like rpi with alot of temp sensors attached with quite long wires so they could be placed around the equipment

(Vincent Regaud) #23

You can do that with an ESP8266 or and arduino and temp sensors in parallel on the i2c bus

(Aaron) #24

So you could add say 10+

I’m still not ready for this yet but Im adding it too my list of things too learn as I’m extremely interested I’m following your advice and trying to not bite off more than I can chew

I’m going too read up more on adding a single temp sensor too my rpi for a general room reading and go from there

(Kees Van Gelder) #25

my fault, somehow I presumed it was a remote RPi.probably coz I had just been working on one :slight_smile:

I think Vincent already answered your other question, albeit that e.g. the popular DS18B20 doesn’t need the I2C bus, but just one pin. Many DS18B20’s (10+) can be attached to that one specific pin, using the OneWire protocol.
that works on ESP8266, Arduino and Raspi

(CM6.5 H102) #26

Check this out, https://github.com/rkoshak/sensorReporter

I have used both DS18B20 and AM2302 on my pi, that is also running my openhab. I’ve since moved the sensors to other devices but I think I still have a copy of my set up if you’re interested.

(Aaron) #27

Should I also stop services like INFLUXDB and MQTT after stopping the openhab service and before running sudo power off

(Vincent Regaud) #28

No you don’t need to

(Aaron) #29

Nice one m8