[SOLVED] Release 2.1 and km200

I was using successfully the km200 2.1 snapshot (Buderus) binding in the previous oh 2.0.0. release.

It is not working reliably (things go to uninitialized after oh restart).
Now I try to make the official 1.10 version of km200 run on OH 2.1.

But the binding does not detect the km200 gateway.
There is nothing shown after manual adding a thing and selecting the km200 binding.

So there is a Problem with the Auto Discovery.
Anybody suggestion?
(The binding is active according to the Karaf console)

OH1 bindings are not capable of autodiscovery, this is OH2-Binding feature only, so you have to configure it manually through ./services/km200.cfg See http://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/migration.html#configure-add-ons for details.

Thanks. That’s already done (since I used an older OH1 Binding in the beginning). So the km200.cfg is present.

But I thought, it would work in paperUI if I am able to install it via PaperUI.
So that assumtion is my mistake.
I don’t see the binding identifying the things of the binding although it’s shown as “active”.

EDIT: the items are populated - so never mind.

As it is a OH1 binding, there are no things at all. Things are OH2 only :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right.
Thanks for the reminder.
Using OH1 ist already too long ago.
Or my brain is just deteriorated…