[SOLVED] Reload binding

I’m new. Windows 8, OpenHab 2
I’m trying to figure out how to get the expire binding to install at start up. Here is my line in the addons.cfg file. All the other bindings reload. What do I put in this comma separated list? Smartthings (beta), ntp, network, hue and lifx all reinstall the bindings at startup

# A comma-separated list of bindings to install (e.g. "binding = sonos,knx,zwave")
binding = smartthings,ntp,network,hue,lifx,expire

Needs to say expire1.

I got burned by this also!

Thank you, thank you
Why this isn’t included in the binding page for each binding I don’t know. For that matter, it took me a week or two of my bindings all needing to be reload every time OpenHAB was restarted to figure out I needed to edit this file. That needs included in the new user docs imho. I almost gave up on OpenHAB for that reason.

While we are at it, does anyone now the entry for the zigbee binding? Is it zigbee? I’m trying to get zigbee working on my system and (hopefully) will need to add that to this file to get reloaded on startup soon.

It is:

wow,ok, thanks

You shouldn’t of had to edit this file to keep your bindings from being uninstalled. If you didn’t edit addons.cfg prior to this behavior then you experienced a bug and should have reported it here.

However, addons.cfg takes precedence. So if you edit this file, any binding you install in any other way will be uninstalled so your installed bindings matches addons.cfg.

So, since this isn’t how it is supposed to be, adding editing addons.cfg to the beginner’s guide is not appropriate.

There are lots of ways to discover the name of a binding.

Perhaps the easiest is from the docs. Open the README for the binding and the name of the binding will be in the URL.


Sorry to not get back to this sooner but I didn’t consider the last set up typical enough to warrant a bug report because OpenHAB was running on a Windows 8 platform that had been used for previous projects. I have since installed OpenHAB on a dedicated computer with a freshly loaded Debian 9 and OpenHAB installed as per docs.
Conclusion: OpenHAB installed and runs. Load two bindings on clean install. NTP binding and expire1 binding. Shutdown and restart, NTP binding is reloaded. expire1 binding did not reload. If this is a bug, please provide link to where I can make a bug report and I will
Thank you
correction: expire binding seems to reload on startup with out any help!!! great job team!