[SOLVED] Remote Access is slow


am i the only one?
Remote Access via App ist very slow. Connection fails sometimes.
Access via Browser (same Phone) or Laptop ist fine.
The App runs on a Moto Z Play. Same Problem on the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini.

Connecting at home via local IP works great.

Connecting where ? myopenHAB ? Your own server at home ? Through NGINX ? Use SSL ?
You really need to give more information if you want someone to answer.

seems something is wrong with the remote servers.

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Yeah, sorry.

Im using https://myopenhab.org
Ignore SSL & SSL Hostname is unchecked.

As i sayed: Access via Browser (same Phone) or Laptop ist fine.

I have the same experience since a few days now… Cant really recall exactly when it changed, probably a week ago. However, I dont experience fail connection. It´s just slow as hell.

Using Galaxy S7, and havn´t changed anything.

same here but with iOS App

I’ve noticed this aswell lately (over a week perhaps?) , slow connection through myopenhab.org.

there was an issue logged 2 days ago: http://status.openhab.org/

Maybe someone can test the connection to the myopenHAB Cloud Service?

I have the problem also today

Someone did something… Now it´s flying speed of lightning.

I can confirm that. it is very fast now.

EDIT: Bad performance is BACK :sob:

Yes, for me to. Who can help?

I just thought that it’s because the iOS app is kind of old and may not fully support iOS12… Others reported that as well. But if it happens on Android as well, then it might be some other problem.

YES I have also bad performance (at work, at home, also via mobile provider) with myopenhab via chrome and other browsers.

Interesting. Myopenhab from browser seems a little slower than usual for me, but it is usable. The iOS app is almost unusable, it just displays a request timed out error…

Connecting remotely with the OpenHAB Android App is extremely slow. When I connect locally it is very fast.

@digitaldan Can you have a look at this issue? There are also play store reviews mentioning a slow connection.

I’ll take a look, I have on my todo list to add another server to our system to help with load.


I have the same problem. Thank you very much for your work.

Also have same issue from yesterday evening, it comes with soket error in logs. Local ip address connection works like a charm, remote Android app and myopenhab slow as hell…