[SOLVED] Replace PaperUI binding with jar?

I have a binding I INSTALLED with PaperUI. Author wants me to replace it with a new jar file they are linking to. Do i just stick the jar file in the addon folder and that’s it or do I have to do something else? Also what happens when the new version of OpenHAB comes out and it may have a release version or do I just from this point forward have to update the JAR?



You need to uninstall the binding first. Then yes, just put the jar file in the add-ons folder. And yes, add long as the version listed in PaperUI didn’t have the fixes or features you need you e will have to update the jar file manually. Eventually, when you want to go back just delete the jar file and reinstall through PaperUI.

You probably want to clear the cache and restart OH at each step.