[SOLVED] Reporting incorrect firmware, but tradfri hub has the latest

According to the Ikea app, I have the latest firmware in my gateway. However, I keep getting this error:

[WARN ] [radfri.handler.TradfriGatewayHandler] - Gateway with old firmware - please consider upgrading to the latest version.

I have version 1.3.14.


Hi, iactually have Thema Same Problem

Hi Arndt,

Which OH2 version do you use? The warning has been suppressed recently.

@Thedannymullen May I ask you to mark this thread as solved? Thanks.

@cweitkamp is this part of the 2.4 bundle?

I will review and setup. I have TRÅDFRI on my 2.4 setup.

Yes, it is.

Hi im actually using OH 2.3

@Arndt_Braun did you manually install?

I tested on 2.4 code works, but I would love to install it on my 2.3 system.