[SOLVED] REST API does not update value due to non managed item

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I want to enable presence detection using bluetooth beacons. There are of course several strategies like using find3. Anyway, to keep things as simple as possible I want to use the Android App Beacon Scanner and beacons, which got found by the app. The app offers a logging feature for the JSON data string - you need to define an endpoint which got triggered by the app. The endpoint idea works, but then I get an error:

“Cannot update existing item … because it is not manageable”

It seems that you need to configure openHAB that the items got managed. I defined the items in the items-file. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Please post your item definitions and the POST string you are sending to REST.

And which end point you are trying to post to. The wire sounds like your are trying to post to the Item creation/modification end point instead of the state command end point.

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see my swagger input:

Seems you are right - I will check that later, when I am back at home. Thanks!