(Solved) Rollershutter (KNX) doesn't work

Since I have changed to OH2 my rollershutters make problem:
I have disabled the switch in sitemap and also disabled my rollershutter rule.
Only with the presence of my rollershutter items, the problem is there:

Rollershutter Jalousie_Schlafzimmer "Jalousie [MAP(jalousie.map):%s]" 	(gGF)	{knx="<2/0/2"}
Rollershutter Jalousie_Wohnzimmer "Jalousie [MAP(jalousie.map):%s]"	(gGF)	{knx="<2/0/1"}


Switch item=Jalousie_Wohnzimmer			

Also with my wallswitch (KNX) the rollershutter only steps. I have to push the switch many times until the rollershutter moves. And when its moves I’m not able to stop…
When I remove the rollershutter item from my items file, it works like in OH1.8.
I have no idea.


i find it interesting you’re trying to define a rollershutter with only one GA… Do you just want to have feedback on the position?

Anyway, here’s some rollershutter from my (productive) OH1 environment (sorry, haven’t tested them yet on OH2):

Rollershutter	Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_O				"Raffstore OG Arbeitszimmer Ost [%d %%]"			(OG_Arbeitszimmer, RaffOGArbeitszimmer)			{ knx="2/1/38,2/1/53,2/1/48+<2/1/58" }
Rollershutter	Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_O_Lamelle		"Raffstore OG Arbeitszimmer Ost Lamelle [%d %%]"	(OG_Arbeitszimmer, RaffLamelleOGArbeitszimmer)	{ knx="2/1/38,2/1/53,2/1/43+<2/1/63" }

Made myself some remarks on how these buggers are to be defined:

//Für Rollershutter: {knx="GAD_Endlage,GAD_Stop,GAD_Position+<GAD_Position_Status(Rückmeldung)"}


Group item=RaffOGArbeitszimmer  {
						Switch item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_O 						
						Slider item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_O_Lamelle 						
						Switch item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S1 						
						Slider item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S1_Lamelle 						
						Switch item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S2 						
						Slider item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S2_Lamelle 						
						Switch item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S3 						
						Slider item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S3_Lamelle 						
						Switch item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S4 						
						Slider item=Raff_OG_Arbeitszimmer_S4_Lamelle 						

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Also, from OH2RC1 world, my KNX rollershutters use multiple GAs in my .items file

/* Ground Floor Rollershutters = knx=Up/Down,Step/Stop,GoTo,Status */
Rollershutter	P11_J1		"P11_J1"		(GF_P11_Living,Shutters)	{knx="2/0/0,2/0/1,2/3/0+<2/2/0"}
Rollershutter	P11_J2		"P11_J2"		(GF_P11_Living,Shutters)	{knx="2/0/2,2/0/3,2/3/2+<2/2/2"}
Rollershutter	P11_J3		"P11_J3"		(GF_P11_Living,Shutters)	{knx="2/0/4,2/0/5,2/3/4+<2/2/4"}
Rollershutter	P06_J4		"P06_J4"		(GF_P06_Office,Shutters)	{knx="2/0/6,2/0/7,2/3/6+<2/2/6"}
Rollershutter	P07_J5		"P07_J5"		(GF_P07_Guest,Shutters)		{knx="2/0/8,2/0/9,2/3/8+<2/2/8"}

For my .sitemap file, I just display the group and this shows me all:

        Frame {
                Group item=Shutters label="All Shutters"

What kind of Shutter Actuator do you use?

There should be more than 1 GA configured on them

the item file works in OH1.8. Also the rules file and the Sitemap. My KNX modul is

configured as shown. Its Merten 6482 29 (Jalousieaktor REG-K/2x(1x230)/10). I have no chance of more GAs.

Only the activ items file makes the problems. Normal KNX control doesn’t work as normal:-(

Hi Hans-Gerd,

I don’t know the Merten actuator, but normally, shutter actuators have these GAs, perhaps some are locked, but you should be able to unlock certain Features in the ETS within the programming of the actuator.

  • Langzeitbetrieb (long time operation?)
  • Kurzzeitbetrieb (short time operation?)
  • Rückmeldung Jalousieposition (position feedback?)
  • Rückmeldung Lamellenposition (slat position feedback?)
  • Rückmeldung ungültige Position (invalid position feedback?)
  • Rückmeldung Antriebsbewegung (drive movement Feedback?)
  • Position Jalousie (position?)
  • Position Lamelle (slat position?)

AS seen in Alexanders post, the 1.9 binding of KNX uses those config

I’m just not sure, what feedback is expected within the binding, but my guess is, it’s the Position of the shutter, not the slat.

Hope, this helps!?

As explained in my above post, you should have two options in a shutter actuator: Kurzzeitbetrieb and Langzeitbetrieb. short term operation just gives the shutter a short spin of the slat (=Lamelle) in direction, which is defined by the rocker switch (Wippenschalter): one side is up or the other is down. Long term operation then moves the shutter up and down at once.

Did you configure your KNX-Installation yourself, or did it your electrician? I think, you have to be sure, your KNX-Installation works for itself, before adding the configuration of openHAB.

I don’t think configuring “Bewegung” and “Stop/Schritt” on the same GA is a good idea… In my case “Bewegung” (movement) is one GA bound to the long press of a directional switch and “Stop/Schritt” (stop/tilt) is on the short press of the same directional switch…
Even if the actuator knew what to do with these conflicting informations, i would guess it would stop right away and not move the rollershutter to its end-position…

Oh. of Course not! usually the wallswitches offer two KOs for this, this is my config:

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Thanks guys. Exactly that was the problem. OH1.x doesn’t care. In daily use with KNX Switches it was OK. One push up for moving and a second push for stop.
But now it works fine.

Many thanks


Hi guys,

probably you will say: “Dude! buy a new actor!!”, but I´ll try it anyway …
My Actor “Rollladenaktor 4fach 6 A 230V, Hand REG”


has in fact no response address of the shutter position.

Just Langzeit-/ Kurzzeit Betrieb.

When i give the Rollershutter Item the Langzeit Address, i can move it, but I can´t stop it…
When i give it the Kurzzeit Address it just moves in tiny steps…

So, what do you say … ?

Let me guess! … “Dude!! buy a new actor!” ? :slight_smile: