[Solved] Rollershutter's position percentage not updating

rollershutter item’s percentage state, created on a “Fibaro FGR-222” channel {:blinds_control} is not
updating when:
item.sendCommand(DOWN) item.sendCommand(UP)
or using the physical switches

“localhost:8080/rest/items/item/state” gets updated only when using rollershutter switch item on a sitemap or using controls in PaperUI
is that an intended behavior or wrong channel used for position state?

i’m a new user of openhab but thanks to documentation, community and trial and error, i managed to set up a configuration i find useful and reliable enough
a part from habdroid application problems, the only issue i cannot find solution for on this great community is the rollershutter’s position state behavior.

i don’t want my shutters to stay fully closed, but using percentage values seemed unreliable because of inconsistencies on shutter’s motor timings, so i set up this rule for a switch item:

rule "Blinds_down"
     Item Blinds_switch changed to ON

it is probably not very polished but it works reliably.
still, Blinds value doesn’t get updated in the process.

The template above is a guide, it helps to show what information is needed. In order to assist with your issue please take time to read and answer what you can, someone will be happy to help.


i somehow just posted the default template :slight_smile:
now edited

Have a look at this thread, maybe it can help with your issue and give some examples as well. https://community.openhab.org/t/rollershutter-fibaro-fgr-222-rev-02-positioning-oh2/26681?u=h102

thank you for your reply. i’ve already seen that thread, it was useful to understand that the positioning value is only related to motor activity times, and it becomes unreliable because of the timings inconsistency of mechanical moving parts. i was able to observe this behavior myself, and it got confirmed by that thread, saving me from some headaches.
For this reason i decided to not use a sitemap slider or a sendCommand() rule to set blinds at 10% for example.
my fg-222s are also calibrated and the parameters are correct.

unfortunately, i couldn’t find any information useful to understand this behavior:

‘Blinds’ group item value at 0 (fully opened)
Rule triggered: Blinds,sendCommand(DOWN)
Blinds moving to fully closed position
'Blinds" value still 0 (fully opened)

while, when interacting with sitemap DOWN button:
Switch item=Blinds
‘Blinds’ group item value gets updated correctly to 100.

is that an intended behavior?
it seems to me that the position value is updated only when changed using the sitemap switches and never updated by:
wall mounted physical switches
or sendCommand(DOWN)

Have you tried changing the item from switch to rollershutter? Sorry, if this doesn’t apply to fg-222s I have no experience with them, just reading the doc’s hoping to help.

yes, the item type is rollershutters.
UP STOP and DOWN buttons are correctly displayed on the sitemap and they are functioning.
i’ve configured them on PaperUI so i cannot paste default.items content, but i’m quite sure it is correct.

i believe that someone using Fibaro FG-222 could resolve this.
it’s probably some kind of limitation related to this specific device, i’d like to know if someone else is experiencing the same.
it could be easily tested using the wall switches connected to S1 S2.
in my own case all those devices don’t update the position status of the item linked to the channel {:blinds_control} if controlled by wall switches.

What channel options have with the FG-222?

It may be worth the time to create an items file to see if that works.

blinds_control -the channel i’m using-
blinds_shutter (shutter position)
blinds_lamella (lamella position)

i’m currently using an old atom windows home server in my set up,
since i’m planning to switch to a Pi, i’m going to move everything created in UI into text config files.
i’ll report here if i get to something.

What OH version do you run ? You need latest snapshot or milestone for this to work.
Motor timings are absolutely reliable once properly setup and calibrated, so you should switch back to sending a percentage value .

i’m using openHAB 2.4.0 Build #1413 indeed

unfortunately, those timings were seriously unreliable in my experience. sending the same percentage resulted in different shutter’s position.
if i’m not wrong, the percentage value is calculated using power absorption: the fibaro zwave device records the time in between start and end of current absorption, and defines percentage steps according to this.
wrong positioning is 100% related to some issues with my motors. one of them also does sometimes get stuck repeatedly when starting to close the shutter, that i had to increase Fibaro parameter 17 to 30secs (delay after reaching limit switch)
but i’m positive this is completely unrelated to value update. even if not synced correctly to real world, it should update.
this doesn’t happen.

value displayed by: PaperUI controls and sitemap text item=Blinds label=“pos [%.0f]”, where Blinds is rollershutter type items group, linked to blinds_control channel
shutter at position 20
shutter going down mostly at 1/3
displayed value still at 20
shutter going up all the way
displayed value still at 20
relay clicks, shutter doesn’t move because of limit switch
displayed value still at 20
UP button press on controls or sitemap button
relay clicks, shutter doesn’t move because of limit switch
displayed value updated to 0

i know it’s impossible to understand if there are issues on my side without text files. since i’m mostly testing before setting up a PI, my configuration is PaperUI/text file mixed.
i can’t add PaperUI generated items to my text files at the moment, i’ll post them later if needed.

i’ll just need a couple of confirmation for further ‘investigation’

  • does the position value updates when using wall switches wired into the fgr-222?
    it does not in my configuration
    is it supposed to be updated?

  • is blind item value supposed to update using the following configuration? it does not update correctly to me

Switch DummySwitch
Rollershutter Blind { channel="zwave:device:hex:node2:blinds_control"}
rule "testing"
when DummySwitch changed to ON

Switch item=DummySwitch
Switch item=Blind label="position [%f]"

when i trig the rule using the DummySwitch:
shutter fully closed at 100, Blind value gets updated to 50 instantly, then it gets stuck at 94 1st step value

pushing the DOWN button on Blind direct switch, Blind value gets updated to 100 and then switches to 50. Shutter is fully closed but value is still 50.
pushing again DOWN button, value finally assumes the correct 100 value.
this is the kind of inconsistency i’m observing, and it is easily reproducible using those text configurations.

In addition to providing as much information as possible please use code fences when referencing files such as items, things, rules, sitemaps, etc.

After finishing the new openhab setup on a raspberry i solved the rollershutters’ missing update issue setting correctly the associations for the zwave devices controlling the shutters’motors