[SOLVED] RPI / openhabian boot question

Real newb question - I installed Openhabian successfully on Raspberry Pi3. Now it boots directly into Openhabian command line. Is there a way to control how it boots? - e.g. into open habian when I want or into Raspbian when I choose? Alternatively, can I exit from the openhabian command line to the Raspberry Pi GUI?
I hope this is the correct forum.

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The command line is raspian.

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I think you have a misunderstanding: openHABian is based on Raspbian, and there is only that single partition with a single OS instance installed.
So when you login, you’re on the Raspbian=openHABian command line. That’s where you can run openhabian-config.

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To elaborate a little bit more on the already provided answers.

openHABian is Raspbian. All openHABian does is configure and install some software to make Raspbian set up and configured in an optimal way to run openHAB.

Because there is only the one operating system installed (Raspbian configured with openHABian) there is nothing to control in how it boots.

Finally, openHABian is based on Raspbian Lite. There is no GUI installed. Furthermore, you don’t want the GUI installed because both openHAB and the GUI are memory intensive and there is not enough RAM on a typical RPi to run both at the same time very well. Thus, the command prompt is the only interface available.

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Actually, I think the openHABian image uses Raspbian Lite.
If the OP wants the graphical interface of Raspbian, it is easiest to install Raspbian using NOOBS and then follow the Linux instructions to install openHABian.

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Thanks to all!! I understand things much better now. Almost everyone divined my confusion. So the thing to do is just use command line and/or SSH. The nice thing about the Raspberry are that they are cheap enough to run a dedicated home automation on one while using another to play around in RPI GUI.

Thanks again. This is an awesome forum!

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