[SOLVED] Rrdj4 configuration

I am using rrd4j persistence to see graph of temperatur , but I found some defuculty

1- paiper UI>add-ons>persistances>install rrdj4
2- paiper UI>configuration>system>persistence>rrdj4(Default Service)
3-rrdj4.cfg :
4-rrd4j.persist :
5-my item

Number MQTTItem  "Temperature [%.1f °C]]" <temperature>  {mqtt="<[broker:/esp8266/temperature:state:default]"} Number 

6-my sitmap

7- i find the in /var/lib/openhab2/persistence/rrd4j a MQTTItem.rrd folder

8-restar openhab2


thank’s for your help

everyMinute, not everyMinutes


thnnk you sihui but the problem is the meme.

Maybe you need to take it stepwise:

  • first, please use code fences instead of screen shots: How to use code fences, it will be much easier to read for others
  • did you install all bindings, actions and persistences that you need? (either in paperUI or in addons.cfg)
  • can you see a value of your MQTTItem in your sitemap, in other words does it show a value that you expect (if not, your OH2 may not have a connection to your MQTT broker, or your device may not post to MQTT)
  • you may want to start with a blank rrd4j.cfg, by default all text is commented out, just to exclude that you have trouble with this configuration
  • you may want to verify your item definition, there seems to be a extra backslash and the word Number at the end may also be deleted, here just for comparison an item definition from my configuration Number Livingroom_temp "Temperature in livingroom [%.1f °C]" (gSensors_temp, gSensors) {mqtt="<[MYMQTT:house/sensornode1:state:JSONPATH($.temperature)]"}
  • it may help to use VSCode: https://docs.openhab.org/configuration/editors.html
  • do you see any error codes in your log files? Do you see in your log files that your MQTT service is started and operational?

I’d follow @sihui s advice, stop OH , remove the old .rrd file and restart OH again.