[SOLVED] Rule engine Conflict?

Platform information: OpenHab 2.3.0 (I think)
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3b+
OS: Openhabian
Java Runtime Environment: Whatever came with Openhabian

I am having trouble with Node Red triggering a rule. I have an inject setup with a specific time. I can manually trigger the inject and it works. However when I leave it on it’s own to trigger it never does.
I believe it may be a rule engine conflict, I have the “Rules” add on installed on the paperUI and it triggers fine. I can uninstall it if that is the case, it was just easier to trigger my LifX bulb from there. …now that I think about it, I think they are set at the same time to. That might also be causing a problem.
I did double check time, location, time zone. And the rule in PaperUI triggers correctly.
I did take a picture of the Node-red rule this morning, I can attach it if you need it.

I am out of ideas other than they try to run at the same time, do you guys have any?

Thank You

Yeah, that would help a little…

I did go in and bump my times so they were at least 3 minutes apart from the paperUI rule. Attaching the picture I took.Picture of screen


Your OH nodes are configured correctly. Good

Your timers are not configured correctly.
Your payload in node-red must be a String and must be ON (All capitals)

Ok, I will try that and report back. Thank you.

I’m back, sorry for the delay. I did as you said and set the string to ON… and could trigger it manually… but I still couldn’t get it to trigger at the time I wanted. I re-wrote the rules about 20 different ways (A lot of which gave me errors). I reset the rules to the way you said and headed to the internet and started googling… again.
Turns out I had the wrong timezone set on the Pi3 and it was throwing everything off.
The clue was in this page https://github.com/node-red/node-red-docker/issues/16
With the command being sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
A quick reboot after that later and we were golden.
Thank You for the help. You helped me fix the rules, once I knew those were right the answer had to be in the time… just took me a bit to figure out where.
Alpha Out