[Solved] Satel zones not work

Hello everyone.I use a Raspberry pi3 b+ with openhabian and satel integra 128 wrl with ethm1 plus. i have a problem with my satel alarm system. very often it happens that the status change of the zones is not detected by openhab. instead the outputs always work correctly. I made sure that the alarm system works correctly through its application. no change appears in the openhab log. I have to restart device to make everything work properly. I ask you for advice to solve the problem thanks

Hello Daniele.
Does this problem regard to specific zones (PIR, contacts, etc) or it is do related to zone type?
Is there any way to reproduce this issue? Do you have anything regarding this issue in the log (errors)?

it is indifferent happens on all types of zones. nothing appears in the log file, no type of error concerning satel

What about this question?

no, unfortunately it is very random

How did you notice this then? Without any details it is really hard to address such issue. You are the first person reporting such issue.

I know this I understand it but I don’t know how to recreate the problem. i also had this problem with an old openhab installation. instead with other open-source distributions I didn’t have these problems

Could you just describe what happened?

I notice the problem when the lights don’t turn on during the evening. I have automated the lights controlled by motion sensors. when the defect happens, I check the log viewer and I don’t see any change of state by the sensors.

Motion sensors keep active (ON) state for very short time. Usually one or two seconds. After that the state returns to inactive (OFF) and if the binding is configured to get states every, let’s say, 10 seconds, likely it will miss such short state change - from OFF to ON and again OFF.

To fix this you should have configured very short refresh time in the binding configuration or configure on the alarm system a virtual zone that keeps active state for longer time, longer than refresh time configured in the binding.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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Druciak, I’m sorry to answer only now but I’ve been very busy. What you recommended, I had already done but without success. i also have a light configured with opening a door, and when the problem arises, i tried to leave the door open for several minutes and nothing happens. I reboot the system and everything works again

Okey, so check in the event.log whether or not the item has changed its state after the door is open. If no, change logging level for the binding to DEBUG and repeat the experiment again. Post the log here. I will try to look into it to see what has happened.

It would be also good to have details about your system: OH/binding version, Satel components and firmware revisions, etc.

okay as soon as I have the chance I will do the necessary tests. Thanks in advance

Dear Druciak, the version OH is 2.5.1, Integra firmware is 1.18 and Ethm1 Plus Is 2.06.
Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to debug yet, so I’m going to ask you for help. Thanks

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First check if there are any changes for the item im event.log file.
If there are no entries for the item even though you were changing state of PIR, door or whatever it is, connect to OH console: https://www.openhab.org/docs/administration/console.html
Enter at the prompt following command: log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.satel
You should see in openhab.log all the traffic between OH and your alarm system. Change state of any device connected to your system. Post the log here or directly to me (PM).

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Hello Daniele,
I made a fix (actually a workaround) for your weird issue. I have also reported it to Satel support, but they couldn’t reproduce it.
The PR is here.

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Thanks you so match Druciak!

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