[SOLVED] Screwed up my UI installation - how can I fix?

I was running on a pi, but I switched to a Centos 8 computer for additional speed. I backed up my working Openhabian setup through OpenHab-cli, and then restored it on the Centos server. Everything seems to work fine, except I have a couple of UIs that I cannot delete because they do not work, and a missing UI that says it is installed when it is not. I want to delete “OPENHAB LOG VIEWER” and “OPENHABIAN HELP” from the landing screen, but there are no options to delete them, and I want to install “DASHBOARD UI” from Paper UI, but I cannot install it because it says it is already installed and pressing remove does nothing. Anybody know the file(s) that need to be fixed?


Nevermind, I figured it out. For those interested, I deleted the 2 files: userdata/config/org/openhab/dashboard.config and conf/services/dashboard.cfg. When OH was restarted, it recreated the files without the uninstalled ones there.



FYI for others: anything in the cfg file get created in the config file by OH. There are times you may need to manually remove the config but stop OH first. :wink: