[SOLVED] Season devices

I have a Z-Wave switch outside for the christmas lights. After the holidays the device will be removed and stored for the next year.
Is it possible to let the device known to openhab (only disable the rules) and I will reconnect to the system next year by only plug in to the power outlet?
– Tolotos

Once you added the thing in OH it will remember it unless you manually delete it.
It will show as offline until next year!

With the implementation of ESH #5191, ESH #6504 it’s possible to disable Things.

I always disable the :sun_with_face: in the evening:


The disable function will be available in 2.4.9. M8? In M7 i only see the pencil and the trashbin. But in the things edit page of PaperUI there is a “disable” button at the bottom.

Yes it will be. It’s already in the latest SNAPSHOT builds. The Disable button you already see has the same functionality. It was later moved to Thing overview you see in the screenshot. A good change, because I often instinctively clicked it for showing “more channels”. :slight_smile:


Can Things be enabled/disabled from Rules? I’m more interested in JSR223/NGRE than Rules DSL right now but if there is a way in Rogers DSL that would be cool too.

I’d assume it would be through the reference to the Things Registry.

I haven’t tried enabling/disabling them using rules myself. But as a last resort you can always do the same HTTP call that is done in Paper UI. :slight_smile:

The Thing REST Resource uses the thingManager to enable/disable the Thing.

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