[SOLVED] Selection item Mapping values within a groupitem

So I’m currently rewriting some Code to get a bit more into Group design patterns.
They make a GUI look way more clean.
Anyway, I have to Questions:
Is it possible, to get mappings ([1=“bla”,2=“blabla”,3=“blablabla”]:wink: into a group item? So I would need to initialize those mapping values in .items file or within the group item.

I don’t know, have you tried?

The mappings for sitemaps must be done in the sitemap

Yes of course, but I can’t initilize any values obviously.

So how could I initiliaze the mappings of a selection item, which is within a group item then?
Hope my problem is understandable…

It’s looking right this atm:

But obviously “Skript auswählen” shouldn’t just show a string or value
It should look like this:

You can’t
You’ll have to create a frame and map the items individually

That’s sad, would have been a nice design pattern to manage the UI with group items.
It’s already in a frame, as you can see in the second picture, wanted to redesign my code with the Arilux Group.
But thank you vincent :slight_smile:

You actually can.
You can initialize a Group item with curly Brackets:

Frame label="Arilux #3"
Group item=g3{

Default item=Arilux3_p
Default item=Arilux3_c
Selection item=Arilux3_pr mappings=[48=Strobe,
96="Strobe - Custom 1",
49="Strobe - Rot",
50="Strobe - Grün",
51="Strobe - Blau",
53="Strobe - Cyan",
54="Strobe - Lila",
52="Strobe - Gelb",
55="Strobe - Weiß",
57="Strobe - R/G/B",
45="CrossFade - Rot/Grün",
46="CrossFade - Rot/Blau",
47="CrossFade - Blau/Grün",
44="Fade - Weiß",
39="Fade - Grün",
40="Fade - Dunkelblau",
41="Fade - Gelb",
38="Fade - Rot",
42="Fade - Hellblau",
43="Fade - Lila",
45="Fade - R/G/B",
99="Jump - R/G/B",
97="Farbe (kein Preset gewählt)"]
Slider item=Arilux3_ps

That nice, but that’s exactly the same as declaring a frame.
That would work too:

Frame label="Arilux #3"
Text item=g3{

And you still have to declare the mappings in the sitemap.

What the OP wanted was declaring a group in the sitemap and the mappings in the items file so that the group will autofill in the sitemap. That’s is not possible as mentioned before.

First off all, I’m the OP lol

  • Yes, I know that’s how I did it in my solution lol

but yes, I didn’t really declare, sorry for that.
But what I wanted to know was this:

This was my inital Question, and it’s now solved, so thanks for all (Y)

already solved haha