[SOLVED] [Semantic Model] Item in different groups with different labels possible?

Within my semantic model i’ve created a location for every room, and within that there’s an item that controls the light.
Since the room location card already provides me with the correct location, the item’s label is usually “ceiling light” or “wall light”.

In addition i want to have a card that shows all lights in the overview page (so i can see the status of all lights, turn them on/off at the same time), therefore i’ve put them in an additional group (gIllumination) which is then displayed in the card… The drawback is that the group shows the configured labels, but i’m loosing the location context.
So gIllumunation has e.g. twelve items, all with the name “ceiling light”.
Of course i could change the lable of the items, but then again on the location card i would have:
Location “Living Room” and within that the item “Ceiling light living room”. Which is obsolete …

I could create for each light an additional link and have a second item with another name. But that’s not very convenient, so i’m wondering if there’s a better approach for that.

Does anybody have a good hint for me?

Extensive previous discussion

In summary, no easy solution.

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Funny, i’ve stumbled over this thread quite some time ago and i somehow forgot about it.
Well, thanks for finding out rossko. I think i’ll add additional items to the channels :wink: