[SOLVED] Send Notebook battery level to openhab


i would like to send the battery level of my notebook to openhab in order to use it in rules.
My idea is to send it with a script and curl, but i dont know how to read the battery level.

Do you have any ideas for this case? Or do you maybe know an already existing app that i can use (Win10) ?

Thanks, Alex


I was going to answer “a Google search would help”, however @vzorglub was faster and did this search for you.

Thanks @e36Alex

You ticked the solution box so I gather that it works

Could you paso a detail of how you did it, please


I didnt tried it out, yet, because i am acutally not using mqtt - but it seems like exactly what i was looking for. I am going to try it out the next days and give an update here.

Also i am searching for alternatives (calling the rest api directly instead of using mqtt) but i think there wont be a solution i can use “out of the box”.