[SOLVED] sendCommand value+x

Hi there!
I’m trying to create a custom item but i don’t know i i can solve this:
sendCmd(‘DW_TempSoll’, ‘x’) > where x should be itemValue(‘DW_TempSoll’) + 0.5
can i do this without an additional rule?

Yes, please post your current rule or try something like this.

rule "Your rule"
    Item Your_Item changed 
    var Number temp = DW_TempSoll.state as Number
    val  Number hysteresis = 0.5
    var Number new_temp = temp + hysteresis

    if (temp < new_temp) {

there is no rule. so i won’t be able to do this within the widget (without rule)?

Check the sitemap documentation about setpoints here.

Example ```
Setpoint item=DW_TempSoll label=“Temp [%.1f °C]” minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=0.5

oh, sorry. i’m using habpanel so setpoint is not the right approach for me :frowning:
i solved the problem with a rule!

thanks for your input!